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Bullpen dedicated to providing a freelancer marketplace for real estate investors to gain both short-term or long-term commercial real estate deal support from freelance analysts


The signup experience with Bullpen is not intuitive or attractive

Real estate analysts sign up for Bullpen to get hired by real estate companies to provide business support. However, the unorganized form content and poor visual hierarchy make the current signup flow difficult to use and not beautiful to watch.


Product Design,
UX Design,
Interaction Design


Product Manager,



Design Process
  1. Explore & Analyze
  2. Research
  3. Design
  4. User Testing
  5. Iteration


Seamless creating account experience

Reorganized form structure

Clear app signup summary with info edit flexibility

Explore & Analyze

01. Conducted interview and heuristic evaluation to discover flow issues

After conducting meeting with the PM and the engineering team, I initiated my process by interviewing with the internal users to learn how the initial workflow works and communicated with their pain points. I also carried out a heuristic evaluation of the existing signup flow, so I could compare and analyze the current flow issues.


02. How can Bullpen improve the signup experience?

To streamline Bullpen’s existing flow structure, I analyzed the way other employment-oriented companies do to onboard their audiences. I focused on how these companies customize their flow process to help their users get hired on their platform.

How might we improve app’s signup experience to onboard analysts to the platform with complete profiles, so they can be seen and get hired by investors?


03. Mapping user journey

Before sketching out the solutions, we prioritized design considerations to tailor new flow structure to meet users’ needs while facilitating the development process within a fast reiteration cycle.

User Testing

04. Validate ideas to learn from users

I created interactive prototypes to test our users to onboard Bullpen platform with given tasks. During each testing, we focus on learning users’ needs, behavior and their thoughts, which greatly helped our iteration process.

05. Ship design for engineering development

After at least 8 versions of iterations, I created high-fidelity mockups with the latest version to conduct A/B testing with our stakeholders and app end-users to decide the visual layout before shipping design deliverables to the engineering team for MVP development.

Design System

Establish a visual guideline for design alignment

I created a design system to improve development productivity. This guideline helped us to ensure consistency across the whole product and better communication with the engineering team when considering form interaction at different states.

Moving Forward

Next step of Bullpen's MVP launch plan

Working closely with the engineering team, we ensure the developed result matches our design results while matching our each sprint progress goal. Currently, we are also working on other features to improve user experience to ship Bullpen's MVP. Big gratitude to the Bullpen team to design for impact.

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