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Bullpen’s blog empowers freelancing analysts to share their analytical expertise to get exposed to new job opportunities. I collaborated with teammates to redesign blog’s navigation flow for an easy content reading experience.


Solve navigation issue for blog reading and business growth

As Bullpen continues to grow its business, more specific blog content has been added to the page. However, the current page structure didn’t intuitively navigate our users to read blog content and lacked clear categories for content management.


UX/UI Designer


Tyler Kastelberg (PM)
Mason Fiascone (Marketing)
Operation Team
Engineering Team

Project Type

Responsive Design

Redesign Goal

The redesigned blog site must serve multiple audiences’ needs to view blog content easily through multiple device screen sizes.



01. Conduct research for new blog structure and categories

After analyzing the traffic and post topics of current blog, I worked with marketing lead to conduct research and decide to apply content library structure to rearrange our blog. This framework helped our visitors navigate our blog intuitively while considering future business growth.

Content Library Structure

New Blog Sitemap

02. Redesign blog navigation for an easy viewing experience

With the new blog structure in mind, I worked with my teammate to wireframe new ideas. Through the ideation process, I considered how we can help blog viewers to navigate from one blog category to another to have an easy content reading experience.

03. Clear communication between marketing and engineering scope

To ensure consistent visual hierarchy across different use cases, I designed the spacer system. It not only resulted in clear communication with the engineer but also kept the marketing add-on area based on marketing and business requirements.

04. Design trade-off based on marketing consideration

Take how marketing team interacts with blog viewers on article page for example. The add-on area was reiterated to side popup. First popup would show on the side of article content once viewers scroll through a specific breakpoint. Viewers can choose to keep reading article content or interact with popup.


What I learned

Communication is the key to resolve conflict and ambiguity when collaborating with different roles in the team. If I had a chance to act differently, I would invite my teammates to get involved in this project the first day I started my design process. Listening to their thought and learning from different perspectives both help to tackle the problem more efficiently.

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