Hatch Mobile Experience

Hatch offers lines of credit to small business owners to get funding to start and grow their businesses. I refined Hatch’s sign up flow to help small business owners submit their applications through mobile.


Provide small business owners a mobile-friendly experience

Many small business owners have struggled to survive or start their businesses in this post-pandemic world. Hatch’s concept to help people get easy access to business funding does make a great influence, however, the current onboarding site is not mobile-friendly and offers too much information that prevents users from completing the flow.


UX/UI Designer


4 Days


Refined flow for mobile


Rethink flow structure to shorten application steps


Design Outcomes

Task Flow


What can be done differently?

Based on the time constraint, I only optimized the flow structure and clarified the page for a better viewing experience on mobile. What could be done differently if chances? I would reach out to small business owners to ask for their feedback about the refined flow structure. Are there other ways to further simplify the flow? How much requested information would be enough to help applicants complete the application process without feeling annoyed?



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