HP Remote IT Services Support MVP

HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing hardware and providing related software services from end-users to enterprise organizational users. Major product lines include personal system devices, industry-standard servers, related storage devices, and cloud services.


Designing cloud service MVP for HP's hardware component

The Product team designs cloud solutions combined with HP's manufactured hardware to leverage IT teams' service support experience with their customers. Communicating with PMs and business stakeholders, we identify problem specs, UX goals, and deliverable priorities within the Sprint framework. We propose wireframes and user flows for solution features fit within design system patterns and development feasibilities based on the product roadmaps.


Product Design,
UX Design


Product Manager,
DevOps Team,
Industrial Engineers




Create mutual solutions for various user scenarios

By understanding requirements and expectations for each use case, I built flow diagrams and wireframes to facilitate solution improvements and align with best practices of utilizing existing design system components. Product users include IT specialists with different authorities and end customers.

Ensure deliverables match with development results

Since the product is data-heavy and each use case might interact differently with designed features, I provide detailed documentation for the developer team to ensure the implemented results match design deliverables. The guidance also helps us drive design consistency and collaboration efficiency within cross-functional teams.

Provide feedback for team improvement and future growth

Participating in each review meeting, I give constructive feedback to other designers with their design reiterations to ensure design pattern consistency within the team.

This project is currently under NDA. If you want to communicate more about project details I have worked on at HP, please contact me via LinkedIn or chen.tse.hungtw@gmail.com.

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